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Dr. Sina Mossamen

Fattening Powder Herbal Product From Nature

Mosmen Fattener Powder Produced by Medicinal Plants Institute of Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research

Mosmen Fattener Powder with Dr.Sina Brand, is a product of traditional medicine which was produced in the Medicinal Plants Institute of Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research. This powder owns a production license from Ministry of Health and Medicinal Education.

As obesity and overweight causes problems for the person suffering them, the same holds for thinness, which usually makes the person feel weakness, lethargy, fatigue, and sometimes impatience and nervousness. This should be obviated by using natural nutrients, supplements and also by having a proper food regimen.

Mosmen fattening powder is a comprehensive package of effective ingredients that can be used as the best nutrient and fattening material because of the existing tragacanth and its mixture with crushed almond nut, starch and brown sugar. This exclusive compound causes general strengthening for body without having the detriments of synthetic supplements.


Tragacanth, Almond Nut, Starch, Brown Sugar

How to use

It is essential to consider the following when using this product.

Quantity of use: use one spoon per day, along with a high amount of liquid (approximately 250 to 300 ml).

Side effects

Every medicine can cause unwanted side-effects, as well as desirable medical effects. Although all these side-effects do not appear in a person, consult your doctor in case of any undesired effect appearance.

Some potential side-effects include:

  • In case of any allergy to the extract and other substances in the formulation, stop using.
  • Consult your doctor for advice during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Those with Diabetes should consult a doctor about using the product.
  • Product Specifications: In this part, we will review the mechanism of effectiveness and pharmacology effects of Mosmen fattening powder.




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