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Vervain Herbal Product From Nature

Effective in relieving neurological pains, neurological diseases and mental fatigue, and has exhilarating results. One of the best stomach tonics and is used in the treatment of dyspepsia, flatulence, stomach pain.

Treatment of heart palpitations, unilateral headache, vertigo, treatment of idiopathic tinnitus (Humming sound in the ears), reducing fever.


This tea contains the leaves and flowering branches of Lippia Citriodora, which has Citral, Lemonene and Geraniol.

How to use

Put a teabag inside a cup of hot water and drink after 3 minutes. Use 3 times daily, preferably after meal.

Side effects

No side effect is reported for this plant. Because of it's stimulus effect, it is better to be used by caution in breastfeeding.


Manufacturing License : 17600/92/5/5


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